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Waggit Dog Products is a small family business based in Hampshire. which specialises in quality dog breed personalised clothing for dog owners and personalised products for dogs. All our products are stitched with the design of your choice.

If you are looking for embroidered bags T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces or dog products, you will love our realistic dog embroidery designs With over 950 dog designs to choose from, we hope that you find what you are looking for.

If you have a crossbreed or rescue dog, then look no further we also have a vast range of paw print and comical dog designs which you will love. All of our designs are personalised giving you a unique product for your dog and friends to admire.

Dog Breed Clothing

Clothing for dog owners and products for your dog. Bags, sweatshirts, fleeces, hats, jackets, polo shirts are just a few products that are available for you. Why not treat your dog to a new personalised blanket or towel.


Pawprint & Cute Dog Design Products

Our range of pawprint and cute dog design products are available personalised on a great choice of clothing and bags. Perfect for those people with a crossbreed or rescue dog.


Dog Training Treat Bags & Dog Toys

We have a fantastic range of dog toys plush,squeaky rubber and even our own range of personalised dog toys.
And our very own range of dog training treat bags which are available in a great variety of styles.


Personalised Dog Collars And Dog Leads

Embroidered dog collars and dog leads personalised with your name, telephone number, postcode or choice of wording. Customised dog collars and dog leads, unique to you and your dog
No more lost dog tags!


Silver Reflective Sheets For Vehicles

For those hot summer days we have our range of silver reflective car sheets/covers.
Silver sheets covers are available for your windscreen, car roof or tailgate.


Dog Agility & Dog Obedience Products

Our exclusive range of dog agility & dog obedience designs are available on a vast range of products. Bags, hoodies, sweatshirts, treat bags, towels and so much more.


Waterproof Dog Coats And Fleece Dog Coats

Unique to us, our own fantastic range of personalised waterproof dog coats and fleece dog coats.
We have a wide selection of colours and sizes available, in both our waterproof dog coats and fleece dog coats.


Personalised Dog Towels And Dog Blankets

We have a vast range of dog towels and dog blankets available online.
Thick warm personalised dog blankets in a fantastic colour range and sizes and our top selling product for any dog owner is our range of personalised dog towels.